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Maximum Safety, Minimal stress

The Covidmii

Mobile hand sanitizer dispensers

100% customizable

All over the word !


Safe & visible

Personalized flocking to match your branding.

Use our pre-made Covid flocking or let our desing studio come up with the perfect look that suits your brand.


Up to 3 contactless dispensers.

Up to 3 400 ml dispensers and up to 2 screens to display any message you want.


Simple, pratical, compact.

A wide storage space to fit gloves, masks and extra hand sanitizer. Retractable roof.

Hand Sanitizer

Our machines are delivered with a full stock of hand sanitizer so you never run out.

Mobile and compact

A solution that's 100% mobile and self sufficient in power to go wherever you want.

Happy faces all around

Ensuring everybody's  safety while spreading good vibes all around.

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